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  • Title photo: © Claudio Toledo MEP Fabio De Masi (DIE LINKE.), Vice-Chair of the Panama Papers Inquiry Committee into Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion at the European Parliament (PANA), comments on the Commission’s decision to demand a 250 million euros tax pay back......

  • GUE/NGL MEPs who are members of the European Parliament’s PANA Committee – Fabio de Masi (PANA Vice-president until October 2017), Matt Carthy (GUE/NGL co-coordinator in the PANA Committee),  Patrick Le Hyaric (GUE/NGL co-coordinator in the PANA Committee), Miguel Urban Crespo (GUE/NGL’s shadow rapporteur in the PANA......

  • The European Commission and Council of Ministers have scored an own goal in the fight against tax avoidance by omitting EU member states from its own international blacklist on tax havens, published on December 5. 17 countries and areas are on the blacklist with a......

  • Yesterday, Monday September 11th 2017, the first shadow meeting after the presentation of political group’s amendments to PANA’s Draft Report and Recommendations was held in Strasbourg. Just to give a broad idea on the length of time that these discussions can have: political groups presented......

  • A press review on tax evasion in the European Union. Title photo: © thetaxhaven September 8th 2017, Germany accuses Italy, France and Spain of allowing TAX EVASION and draining EU funds “GERMANY has accused Italy, France and Spain accusing of allowing huge companies to......

Fabio DE MASI – 8th Parliamentary Term

Vice-Chair of PANA Committee ---------- DIE LINKE. Germany

Fabio De Masi


GUE/NGL Co-coordinator of PANA Committee ---------- Sinn Fein Ireland

Matt Carthy


GUE/NGL Co-coordinator for PANA Committee ---------- PCF / France

Patrick Le Hyaric


GUE/NGL Shadow Rapporteur for PANA Committee ---------- Podemos Spain

Miguel Urbán


GUE/NGL Substitute Member of PANA Committee ---------- Izqu. Unida Spain

Marina Albiol


GUE/NGL Substitute Member of PANA Committee ---------- Syriza Greece

Stélios Kouloglou


GUE/NGL Substitute Member of PANA Committee ---------- Altra Eur, Italy

Curzio Maltese


GUE/NGL Substitute Member of PANA Committee ---------- PCP Portugal

Miguel Viegas