GUE/NGL Input PANA Roadmap

Proposals from the GUE/NGL group on the activities of the PANA Committee of Inquiry


The content of the inquiry – ie, the studies we commission, the individuals and institutions we call before a hearing, and the destinations MEPs visit on fact-finding missions – are decided through a process of negotiation between the different political groups represented in the PANA Committee.

GUE/NGL has made a number of proposals to the ‘roadmap’ for the inquiry regarding both substantial and procedural issues on how the committee carries out its work.

Below is our initial submission on the PANA roadmap, making proposals relating to:

  • What documents from the European Commission and the Council we believe the committee must have access to;
  • Following up on unresolved issues from the previous TAX2 special committee on tax rulings;
  • What studies should be commissioned by the inquiry committee;
  • The theme of committee hearings and workshops, and proposed speakers.


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