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At a hearing of the European Parliament's Panama Papers inquiry committee on 3 July 2017, Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová, with responsibility for the process of revising and implementing the EU's Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, was questioned by GUE/NGL MEP Matt Carthy. The discussion focuses on...

A letter from 18 July 2016 from the PANA chair on behalf of the committee to Commissioner Jourova requesting Access to Confidential Documents. PANA correspondence: Letter from PANA to Jourova on Access to Confidential Documents 2016-07-18_ by Emma Clancy on Scribd Read also the response from Commissioner...

A letter from 27 September 2016 from Commissioner Jourova to the PANA chair in response to his request regarding access to confidential AMLD documents. PANA correspondence: Response from Jourova on Access to AMLD Docs 2016-09-27 by Emma Clancy on Scribd Read also the letter from the PANA...