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Miguel Viegas is today in Lisbon in a mission of the Panama Papers’ Inquiry Committee in representation of GUE/NGL. During the several hearings held today, it remains clear that there is no political will to attack fiscal fraud and tax evasion nor money laundering. 10 billion...

During a plenary in Strasbourg on the 14th of June the newly re-elected Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, endured a barrage of criticisms concerning money-laundering violations in Malta as well as his own integrity in relation to recent ‘Panama Papers’ leaks. Speaking in Strasbourg, GUE/NGL’s...

Photo @VGO Article publié originalement á Kairos Europe (Wallonie Bruxelles)   Près d’une année après la création de la Commission d’enquête des « Panama Papers » au Parlement européen, où en sommes-nous et où allons-nous ? par Veronica Grondona[1] La publication dans la presse internationale par le Consortium de journalistes d’investigation (ICIJ) de...