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Irish MEP Matt Carthy has called for the Irish government to investigate the links between AIB and Bank of Ireland to the Appleby law firm at the centre of the Paradise Papers. Carthy, a member of the ongoing inquiry into the Panama Papers in the European...

Photo @Robert Villalta The latest hearing of the PANA Inquiry Committee was held in Brussels on Tuesday 26th September. The main topic of the meeting was the “football leaks” per initiative of GUE/NGL MEP Marina Albiol Guzman (Izquierda Unida). The football leaks revealed that football agents and...

Yesterday, Monday September 11th 2017, the first shadow meeting after the presentation of political group’s amendments to PANA’s Draft Report and Recommendations was held in Strasbourg. Just to give a broad idea on the length of time that these discussions can have: political groups presented...