Tax Haven Listings: blind, winking or conniving?

Why do all the tax havens lists compiled by governments, NGOs & international organisations differ so wildly? What criteria are considered?

As the abstract of a recent Research Paper (94) written by Jahanzeb Akhtar & GUE/NGL’s staff Verónica Grondona for the South Centre indicates, ‘Tax havens are among the biggest challenges faced by developing countries in achieving their national development goals. States, international organisations, multilateral agencies and nongovernmental organisations have all made several efforts at compiling ‘lists’ of tax havens at the multilateral and national levels, with varying levels of seriousness and outcomes. This research paper examines these efforts by analysing the objectivity of criteria used and the clarity of the final outcome in a comparative manner. The paper is organized into four sections dealing with the tax haven blacklisting by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the countries of the South, the European Union (EU) and an analysis across lists.’

Read the study here.

Photo: thetaxhaven